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Live Dream Catcher – New Game from Evolution Gaming – Play Now! 

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Live Dream Catcher is an exciting new casino game created by Evolution Gaming that gives players the chance to play live against a real dealer. Fundamentally, it is a very simple game that is largely reminiscent of roulette. If you’ve played roulette before, you should have no problems getting into Live Dream Catcher.

The game features a real live dealer who you can see and communicate with in real time. Similar to regular roulette, the dealer spins the wheel and depending on where the wheel stops, you can win or lose. Despite the game’s simplicity, Live Dream Catcher can potentially generate very large payouts.

This new offering from Evolution Gaming is quickly trending with online players. The game welcomes freedom of choice, which makes it suitable for all types of players while making it much more exciting to play. In addition, you can not only communicate with the dealer, you can also communicate with other players making it more social than playing a slot game. Read on to learn more about Live Dream Catcher.

Live Dream Catcher – How does it work? 

The Dream Catcher wheel consists of 54 equally sized slices or segments. 52 are numbered and 2 are multipliers.

The segments are divided as follows:  

  • Number 1: 23 yellow coloured segments. Payout is 1-1. 
  • Number 2: 15 blue coloured segments. Payout is 2-1.  
  • Number 5: 7 Purple coloured segments. Payout is 5-1. 
  • Number 10: 4 green coloured segments. Payout is 10-1. 
  • Number 20: 2 orange coloured segments. Payout is 20-1. 
  • Number 40: 1 red coloured segment. Payout is 40-1. 
  • Multiplier x2: 1 black coloured segment. Multiplies bet by 2 on your next spin.  
  • Multiplier x7: 1 black coloured segment. Multiplies bet by 7 on your next spin. 

The only rule of the game is to predict and bet on a number on the wheel. You simply bet on any number you think the wheel will stop at. To make it even better, each number appears repeatedly on the wheel. You may also have the chance to land on a multiplier which gives you an addition spin and increases your bet by 2x or 7x.  

In order for you to play Live Dream Catcher, you need to bet real money. At the time of writing, you cannot try this game for fun or with free spins from the casino. However, you can spectate a live room if you just want to watch and see how the game works. 

Live Dream Catcher – Winning & Payouts 

As we mentioned earlier in the text, Live Dream Catcher offers multipliers on the wheel, giving players a chance to win big, depending of course on how much you are willing to bet. Players can win up to 7 times their bets.  

As a rule, you can only win if you are able to correctly predict a number on the wheel. It is not difficult to predict a winning number in Live Dream Catcher, especially when most of the numbers appear many times on the wheel. If you are lucky enough to land on the 7x or 2x multipliers, you are guaranteed a profit on your next spin.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a live casino game offering better odds of winning big.  

Should you play Live casino games? 

Many choose to play live because it is much more social than playing against a computer. It is more fun to communicate with the dealer and with other players and also provides a real-world casino feel and experience. At the same time, you have the convenience of playing from the security and comfort of your own home.

If you haven’t had a chance to play live casino games in the past, Live Dream Catcher can a great way to familiarise yourself with this fun casino genre.

Casinos where you can play Live Dream Catcher 

Since Live Dream Catcher was developed by Evolution Gaming, you can find it in online casinos which support the Evolution platform. Currently the game is relatively new and not many casinos have integrated it to their catalogues. However, we expect more casinos to make it available to players in the coming months.

Some of the casinos where you can play Live Dream Catcher include Casumo Casino and Dunder Casino Click on any of the links below to play Live Dream Catcher now.