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New Online Casinos in the UK 

Searching for new online casinos in the UK? If so, then you have definitely come to the right place! We at want to help you make the right choice in a market flooded with online casinos. 

The introduction of the high-profile Gambling Bill in 2005 has seen the casino industry flourish in the UK. Millions of UK-based players are logging on to play some cards, roulette and video slots, motivating entrepreneurs to establish new casino sites at a fast pace. With exciting new casinos opening every week waving big bonuses under our noses, it can be easy for anyone to get overwhelmed when choosing a place to play.  

Are the new casinos to be trusted? Should you even switch to a new online casino?  

In this article we want to assist you in the hunt for a brand new casino in 2018. We will be looking at what makes a great new casino and what factors you should consider before choosing one. 

Old vs New Online Casinos IN the uk

Although more established casinos have experience on their side, new casinos offer more excitement and fresh ideas. If older casinos inspire trust by the mere mention of their names, the newer casinos will get your heart racing just by looking at their snazzy modern websites.  

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of new online casinos: 


  • Lucrative welcome bonus offers: It’s a fact that new online casinos in the UK tend to offer more generous and creative welcome bonus packages than long-standing casinos. Welcome bonus offers from new casinos will often include both bonus money and free spins.  
  • Better diversity of games: New casinos are not only launching with the freshest game libraries available today, but they are quick to adopt innovative new titles as well. These new games feature the latest graphics and dynamics to heighten the casino experience. Old online casinos are slower to respond to new games. 
  • User-friendly experience: New casinos have access to the latest technology. Website layouts are intuitive and features are handpicked to deliver the best possible user experience. Although the new casinos may look more demanding, they have actually been optimized to require less bandwidth and provide smooth online gaming. 
  • Excellent casino mobile apps: Given the growing popularity of mobile devices and mobile gaming it becomes increasingly likely that most players are accessing online casinos from their smartphones or tablets. New casinos recognize this and are investing heavily to provide exceptional mobile versions of their sites. Many older casinos fail to optimize fully for mobile resulting in a lackluster casino experience.  
  • Improved support & Customer Care: Another advantage of going with one of the more recent additions to the UK gambling scene is that there are often fewer customers on the site trying to access customer service at any given time. This often means instant feedback from a casino rep, whereas you are likely to be put on hold or on a waiting list when trying to get an issue resolved on older casino operators. 
  • Faster and secure payment: No casino player wants to win a competition only to find that the withdrawal process is slow. New casinos recognize just how important quick payouts are for their customers and try to process withdrawals as quickly as possible in order to make players happy. They are also working to add new payment options to accommodate all their members. 
  • Gamification: Gamification is a new concept that’s quickly changing the way we play on online casinos. Instead of just endless spinning reels, gamification combines video games and casino games to create immersive game play that is both fun and exciting. New casinos are using gamification to make for a more compelling casino experience. 


  • Lack of operating experience. This can mean the occasional bug in recently launched casinos as they work towards improving your overall experience. 
  • Privacy Issues: When you sign up on a new online casino in the UK you are required to enter your full personal details and banking information. If you’re dealing with a casino that lacks the proper security measures to combat fraud, someone may benefit from the access to your personal data. 
  • Bugs: Bugs in the system can cause a malfunction, which leads to voiding all wins as stipulated in the T&C’s of every online casino.

Benefits of signing up with a new ONLINE casino in the UK  

Many online casino lovers are not open to the idea of switching to new casino sites. Doing so however, can turn out for the better and result in a more productive experience for you.  

Benefits of joining a new casino include: 

  • A new online casino allows you to play with new players unfamiliar with your style of play, giving you a better chance of winning.  
  • It provides the chance to try out fresh new games as well. Most new online casinos in the UK come up with new and unique games to provide a different experience from the competition. If you find you aren’t doing as well with the game you are used to playing, it might be time for you to try out new casino websites for a change of pace. 
  • You get the opportunity to compete with players from across the globe. This is a privileged opportunity to learn new tactics from players in different parts of the world.  
  • Majority of new casinos provide a free-play version where you are not required to deposit real money. This gives a player an opportunity to test, learn and perfect their skills in their favourite games.

Signing up on multiple online casinos – Is it a good idea? 

Because online casinos can be so different from one another, you may have thought of having accounts in more than one casino. But is this a good idea?  

We think it is. Below are the main benefits of signing up on more than one casino site:  

  • By having multiple casino accounts, you get the opportunity to test and compare two or more online casinos. You can pit two or more casinos against each other for better games, banking options, withdrawal times, processing fees, welcome bonuses, customer support and more.  
  • Another benefit is that your bankroll’s diversified when it is split across multiple casinos. This reduces the risk of losing all your funds if any one casino folds or exit scams. 
  • Players registered to 2+ casinos also enjoy a wider selection of games.  

Important factors to consider before joining a new online casino site 

Choosing the best new online casinos in the UK is not a matter of simply picking the most advertised casino and signing up with a real-money account. If you want to enjoy a safe and fair playing experience, you need to invest some effort when choosing the right casino.  

Make sure to take into consideration these important factors before joining a new online casino: 

  • Licenses
    One of the first things to look out for is the licensing of the online casino. All online casinos in the United Kingdom need to be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to back up their reliability, integrity, and legitimacy. This licensing authority ensures all casino players are given a fair chance of winning. Proper licensing also gives players confidence that there is an independent 3rd party which monitors the practices of the casino and offers impartial assistance whenever disputes between the casino and its players arise. 
  • Welcome bonuses
    This is one of the top reasons why many casino players in the UK choose to register to a new website. Welcome bonuses have become an industry standard for web-based casinos, and therefore you’ll want to ensure that you get the best welcome bonus possible. 
  • Welcome bonus packages typically consist of matching any amount you deposit with an equal figure, which means you automatically double your bankroll. Just make sure you read the playthrough requirements on the given bonus, which often require players to gamble a certain amount before winnings earned on the bonus offer may be cashed in. 
  • Software
    Online casinos in the UK use a software program known as a random number generator to provide outcomes for their games. These software programs are meant to recreate the odds you’d find in a real-world casino. Trustworthy casinos will provide information about who audits their random number generator. This information may be found with the information about licensing. Be wary of casinos that don’t make this information readily available. 
  • Payouts
    One of the biggest issues with online casinos is slow payouts. If you want to withdraw your winnings from an online casino, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get it. Be sure to investigate just how quickly the casino processes cash-outs. It shouldn’t take more than 72 hours to process a withdrawal.  
  • Also check what banking options are available. A broad array of trusted payment methods like credit card and PayPal is a good sign. You want to find at least one banking method you can use. 
  • Loyalty programmes
    Another important factor to consider is the degree to which a casino values the loyalty of its regular players. It is always advisable to always decide in favour of a new online casino that has a Loyalty programme in place to reward its customers for investing their money there.  
  • Customer care
    Customer care quality is crucial factor when searching for new online casinos in the UK. There’ll inevitably be a time when you have an issue or want to ask a question. The last thing you want to deal with is unresponsive customer support or waiting days to get a reply. One way to find out if a casino has good support is by contacting them yourself. Test them by asking a simple question via email or live chat.